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  Horticultural Therapy 6.9.2019  

Horticultural Therapy


SRACP develop the first indoor strawberry farm and other vegetables with hydroponics, aiming to facilitating service users' recovery during the planting process, healing effect could also be achieved through the process of taking care of the plants.

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  Ex-offender Diversified development 30.8.2019  

Ex-offender Diversified development


It’s quite common for ex-offenders facing discrimination when they look for a job, Bright Service Co. Ltd employ ex-offenders helping them to develop their confidence.

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  SRACP mental health service keep up with the times 15.7.2019  



With the growing ageing population and the corresponding elderly mental health problems in Hong Kong, there is an increasing number of people in recovery require both rehabilitation services and elderly services. Mr. Morgan NG Chu-kong, Senior Manager (Mental Health & Children Service) was being interviewed with HK01 and analyzed how the aging population posed a challenge to the mental health rehabilitation service in the community to fulfill the special service need. Apart from enhancing the outreaching services, he suggested to increase different type of allied health professionals for providing tailor-made services to elder service users.

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  Helping young people from disadvantaged groups to start the business 8.4.2019  



To help disadvantaged young people having a clear direction for career planning, especially for rehabilitated young people and youth at risk. “Heng Seng Youth Career Planning” scheme launched in 2017 which is organized by the SRACP and supported by Hang Seng Bank. The scheme aims to help those disadvantaged youth to implement their entrepreneurial ideas. As of March 2019, the number of beneficiaries comes to nearly 600 young people, 70% of whom are rehabilitated young people or youth at risk.

SRACP invited 3 participants of the scheme to share with the medias how the startup funding can help their entrepreneurial ideas come true.

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  The “Outstanding Retrainees Award” winner released from jail and started an enterprise to help the underprivileged 7.1.2019  



Ah Cheung was jailed in prison after accused of dangerous drugs were found. With the encouragement that given by his family and the social worker from SRACP, Ah Cheung attended Employees Retraining Board (ERB) Certificate training course in jail and was being hired as Cleaning Manager after released. Currently, he has started his own Cleaning business and received the “Outstanding Retrainees Award” presented by ERB. Looking forward, Ah Cheung hopes to recruit the vulnerable groups in his company and to provide assistances in helping them to start a new life.

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  The annual sharing session of SOUK housing project 21.11.2018  



The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong has initiated The SOUK housing project in 2017 to aim at providing a better living environment for rehabilitated persons to overcome the challenges and reintegrate into society specifically during the transition period. The annual sharing session was held on 21st November 2018 to share the achievements of SOUK housing project, stating that the project is not only beneficial for the individuals but also making a contribution to the community. The Chairman of Chow Tai Fook Charity Foundation (Hong Kong), Mr. CHENG Kar-shing and the Vice-President of SRACP, Mr. Louis TONG Po-sun, SBS officiated at the Ceremony while media organisations, guests and staff were also invited to witness the establishment of the third SOUK.

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  Study on Illegal elders and cognitive emotions 30.9.2018  



The Social Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention Service of SRACP has launched a pilot rehabilitation scheme named Project Hope with the New Territories South police district in 2016 that aimed to provide assistance to elderly Hongkongers that caught for petty crimes and need to undergo legal procedures. The press conference was held on 30th September 2018.

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  Release of research study on “Overcoming the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE Challenges” of Sracpology 19.8.2018  



Sracpology is a research bulletin that brings together studies and disseminates knowledge to share wisdom on studies of specific service target group. “Reconnect, Revival” is the theme for the latest issue and 176 ex-offenders were invited to participate in the research named “Overcoming the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE Challenges”. The research was conducted within the period of November 2017 to April 2018, to investigate the challenges and difficulties of ex-offenders when attempted to reintegrate into the society and to make analysis of the relationship between challenges and recidivism.

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  Together We Achieve More 14.5.2018  

凝聚力量 成就不一樣


Over the years, SRACP gained the support from more than 700 benevolent employers by creating opportunities for rehabilitating service users. To commend and give public recognitions to the benevolent employers, The 6th SRACP Benevolent Employers Awards Presentation Ceremony was held on 11th May 2018. Ah Yiu, the youth entrepreneur; Ah Wing, the service user and Mr. Chan, Director of Hoi Luen Environmental Services Limited, the Excellent Benevolent Employer in year 2016 and the Outstanding Benevolent Employer of this year were being interviewed by media and shared the progress of rehabilitation.

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  水電維修與精神康復有什麼關係? 13.9.2017  




[文匯報] - 師徒制學修水電 精神復元者佳音


  更生人士,何去何從? 13.9.2017  




[香港電台] 萬千寵愛


  Money Talk – Rehabilitated Offenders 1.7.2017  

Money Talk – Rehabilitated Offenders


Helping the ex-offenders to reintegrate into society is always one of our main objectives. Not only help them to find a job, but we also have to let them know the importance of wealth management. The RTHK programme, “Money Talk Xtra”, interviewed an 20-year-old ex-offender Edward and our Senior Manager of Employment Service and Social Enterprise Ms Gloria Yuen on how a rehabilitated offender can reduce his daily expenses out of his living, housing and other difficulties.

[RTHK] Money Talk Xtra: Reducing expense on electricity / Rehabilitated Offenders / HK Entrepreneur Interview


  「模擬法庭」 豈只「開庭」咁簡單? 18.5.2017  




[明報] 學生「上庭」 學習公義


  動物治療 15.3.2017  



貓貓狗狗不只是寵物,牠們還是陪伴主人渡過喜怒哀樂的小特務!! 動物和人類雖然有著語言障礙,但是透過我們的一舉一動,心底裡其實知道對方需要什麼。近年,動物成為病患者其中一個有效的治癒良方,尤其是我們這篇報導的主角Zita,她與細B的感情確實比親人更親...

[HK01] 24小時窩心陪伴 動物就是最好的「心靈良藥」

  洗出個未來 24.2.2017  




[創業人誌] 80後搞洗碗工場 年生意額500萬

  朗澄之聲 16.2.2017  




[有線電視] 選擇快樂

  創業 – 創造社會企業 10.2.2017  

創業 – 創造社會企業



[東方日報] 同理心激發 設計長者衣

  起動甦屋 5.2.2017  




[東網] 東網透視:重私隱富家感 打造釋囚安樂窩
[東網] 東網透視:首間甦屋月底完工 月租$2000

  法院社工給候審人士一線生機 7.1.2017  

有心人捐贈 讓甦屋起動



[SCMP] Gratitude cannot adequately describe feelings for group
[SCMP] Light shines at end of legal tunnel for many

  有心人捐贈 讓甦屋起動 8.11.2016  

有心人捐贈 讓甦屋起動


穩定而適切的住所對協助更生人士復康和重投社會至關重要。為讓更生人士在康復關鍵階段有一個較理想的住屋環境,本會設立「甦屋」計劃 ,在坊間物色合適的業主合作,透過義務建築師的設計,重新規劃業主單位內的間隔和床位,進行裝修後優先租予更生人士。 社工除了為入住「甦屋」計劃的更生人士提供個案輔導,亦會定期在單位內舉辦活動,以強化康復介入。 本會希望集結社會各界力量,鼓勵社區共同參與,支持更生康復。

近日我們得到有心人為此計劃捐贈啟動資金,成功讓第一期的「甦屋」正式落實,該單位期望於數月內裝修完畢。如果有興趣支持「甦屋」計劃或有任何垂詢,歡迎致電熱缐:2527 4018

[明報] 本報老海員故事獲迴響 好人感動好人 捐20萬助釋囚
[明報] 老海員寧少賺 牀位平租助釋囚

  創業沒界限 有過去也有將來 28.10.2016  

有心人捐贈 讓甦屋起動



[HK01創業] 醒覺後的創業突破更生背景限制

  職業發展服務「ERB人才發展計劃」接受香港電台《有你同行》訪問 4.10.2016  



香港善導會人才計劃發展督導主任林秀妍、職業輔導主任林遠及服務使用者May, 於2016年10月3日接受香港電台節目《有你同行》訪問,介紹有關本會ERB人才發展計劃詳情,並分享最新課程資訊;May則分享其就讀ERB課程及畢業後創業路途上的心路歷程。如果你想學習新技能,又想嘗試轉行,可以聯絡我們幫你實現理想!


  職業發展服務「創業計劃」接受香港電台《有你同行》訪問 6.9.2016  



香港善導會職業發展服務經理陳凱欣、小型貸款計劃主管顏永剛與及服務受惠創業者YY於2016年9月5日接受香港電台節目《有你同行》訪問,介紹有關本會創業服務的計劃詳情,並分享大眾普遍對選擇創業時需要留意的地方;YY則分享其創業路途上的心路歷程。如果你想創業,是因為什麼原因? 你會如何揀選你的生意伙伴?


  義演道心聲 重新放光芒 6.6.2016  

義演道心聲 重新放光芒


許多人或者不會明白,亦不會相信,出入監房無數次的他們也能勇敢地抬起頭,重新做人,為社會貢獻。 本會自1998年開始已透過生命教育劇場及論壇劇場將更生人士的經歷展現於舞台。透過劇團演出,讓原來黯然無光的個人經歷成為具有意義的生命故事,照亮自己及他人的前路。為此,「甦星」劇團將於今年6月正式成立,讓「過來人」繼續透過舞台發聲及發揮潛能。

[HK01] 出監以後 我的十年如何過
[AM730] 「這個說法太浪漫」專欄
[NOW新聞] 更生人士如何自助助人
【01影像】藉話劇浴火重生 更生人士唱出囚友無奈

  經濟不景 影響更生人士就業? 18.4.2016  

經濟不景 影響更生人士就業?



[信報] 經濟差礙更生人士就業

[SCMP] Pampering pooches: Training programmes set Hong Kong prisoners on the straight and narrow

  人棄我取 婆婆成為環保魔術師 10.3.2016  

人棄我取 婆婆成為環保魔術師


雨傘折斷了,誰還會把它留下? 相信很多人都會選擇棄舊納新。然而,朗澄坊會員深信物件與人們一樣,「天生我才必有用」,便利用縫紉技巧,把破舊的雨傘、布碎等變身成為港人必備隨身物品。自此,區內認識這位會友的人都會稱呼她為「環保婆婆」。環保婆婆日前接受《香港商報》訪問,分享其復元故事及加入朗澄坊後的轉變。歡迎大家透過文字先認識她。


  「進取的心」得獎者及大使 接受《萬千寵愛》訪問 28.12.2015  

「進取的心」得獎者及大使 接受《萬千寵愛》訪問


「進取的心」獎勵計劃得獎者麗玲、大使阿生,以及榮叔、朋輩輔導員浩城分別於2015年12月13日及20日走進社區,接受香港電台第一台節目《萬千寵愛》訪問,分享成功走出幽谷的心路歷程,由受助者變為貢獻者,當中有什麼轉捩點? 改變的助力又是什麼?藉著他們的生命故事,讓我們體會到生命的無限可能。



  第二生命 6.7.2015  



曾經有廣告口號說「生命無take two」,告誡大家要小心謹慎做抉擇,因為生命不能重來。但是不是錯過了就等於沒有機會改過? 如果把更生人士甚或所有人的人生比作一場遊戲,上半場在各種難度的招式中我們不免會被擊倒,又或因防敵不慎而掉入陷阱輸了一局。不過這些都會成為經驗,下一局再來的時候就能發揮得更好。所以Game over不是人生的完結,反而是第二生命的開始。

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  「幕後軍師」David 越過鐵窗邊緣 1.6.2015  

「幕後軍師」David 越過鐵窗邊緣


人生如戰場,一個有良好教育背景的人,贏在起跑線上,任何事都做到 100 分,這並沒有什麼大不了;一個只有零分、甚至是負分的人,能面對不完美的自己, 繼而貢獻社會,這才令人感到鼓舞。David 在 2010 年開始於香港善導會擔任義工,為在囚人士提供釋前輔導,送上一碗心靈雞湯,協助他們重新出發。「面對先天有缺陷的人,大家可能認為他們沒有選擇;犯法的人卻得不到這種包容,大家認為他們可以選擇,只是自己行錯路,不值得被幫助。有些時候,他們是誤交損友,或者是被人陷害,其實同樣沒有選擇。」

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  學做船長 出海享受夏日 27.5.2015  

學做船長 出海享受夏日


踏入5月已經三十幾度,要數消暑節目,水上活動必不可少,如果能駕駛遊艇出海,同班 friend開船 P,一定是賞心樂事!在進入偉大航道前,得先下點苦功,報讀坊間的遊樂船隻操作員課程,學習航海知識及操作遊艇等遊樂船隻,在成功考取遊樂船操作執照及船長牌後,享受乘風破浪的快感之餘,亦可入行做船隻操作員,多一條出路!」

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  精神病患者應該集中治療並遠離市區?答案是N O 22.5.2015  

精神病患者應該集中治療並遠離市區?答案是N O




  守得衰女變乖女 日日都是母親節 10.5.2015  

守得衰女變乖女 日日都是母親節


「我想跟其他有子 女在獄中的父母說,不要太悲觀,小朋友學壞只是 過渡期,總有一天會回來你身邊。」曾經用盡心力 勸導吸毒女兒回頭惟未能成功,陳太擔心終有一天 永遠失去女兒,寧大義滅親,報警告發,令女兒當 時非常痛恨她。直至女兒未婚懷孕,終理解媽媽苦心,主動回到媽媽身邊做孝順乖乖女,「以前我好 憎母親節,現時女兒孝順,日日都是母親節。」

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  《父女》生命教育劇場 1-3.5.2015  






  創業生力軍 著重實戰經驗 30.4.2015  

創業生力軍 著重實戰經驗


隨著近年的創業風氣上升,支持青年創業的平台及計劃亦愈來愈多。獲得本會「恒生青年創業計劃」資助的Kenneth日前接受香港經濟日報《CSR Times》的訪問,談及自己過往的打工經驗,如何透過計劃成功地由「打工仔」轉做「老闆」,並與讀者分享箇中的苦與樂。

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  「萬千寵愛」直播訪問 27.4.2015  




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  「優勢為本」 治情緒秘方 27.4.2015  

「優勢為本」 治情緒秘方


自2014年,本會引入並開始推行由美國堪薩斯州大學所創立的「優勢為本」介入模式,邀請了45位精神病、情緒病患者、康復者及受睡眠困擾人士接受研究。此服務讓研究對象重新認識自我、發掘自己的優勢為基礎,並訂立目標,在社工的協助及評估下逐步實行,有助他們復元。 此介入模式的研究成果除了於3月26日透過發佈會分享外,亦吸引了「TVB週刊」報導。詳情請參閱第931期「TVB週刊」的介紹或按此閱讀

  邊青創業.優勢發展 4.4.2015  



創業需要充足籌劃﹑決心及拼搏精神,並非適合每一位青少年。然而對於曾違法或邊緣青少年來說,雖然就業本身有種種局限,但如果得到適當的培訓和指導,創業反而可能會開闢一條人生出路,讓他們振作向上,突破生活的困局。 自2014年8月,香港善導會得到恒生銀行的全力支持,展開了恒生青年創業計劃,幫助有志創業的青年更生人士、邊緣青年及低學歷青年將創業想法付諸實行。主要服務包括創業培訓、創業資助、創業支援及就業服務。至2015年2月,已有超過100名青年受惠於計劃,當中有8個創業計劃更獲得資助作起動基金,開展業務。


  優勢為本介入模式成效研究發佈會 26.3.2015  





  「有你同行」直播訪問 25.3.2015  






  2014/2015 精神健康月「智Fit精神健康計劃 – 智Fit長者與地區」正念人生活動花絮 10.2.2015  

2014/2015 精神健康月「智Fit精神健康計劃 – 智Fit長者與地區」正念人生活動花絮


2014/2015「精神健康月」主題為「活到老、樂到老 – 代代關注長者精神健康」,目的是提高社會大眾對長者精神健康的關注,促進長幼共融,其中一項重點活動是「智Fit精神健康計劃 – 智Fit長者與地區」,鼓勵社區團體在區內推廣長者精神健康。香港善導會朗澄坊是其中獲獎團體,他們構思了家、點、「正」計劃,籌備了一系列活動,以靜觀正念手法提升長者身心靈健康,同時提升社區關注長者精神健康的意識。這計劃包括作「耆英使用手冊」徵求比賽、重整耆望 – 正念自悠行工作坊及好正「家」連嘩等活動。

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  學建展台飾櫃 迎展覽會 11.2.2015  

學建展台飾櫃 迎展覽會


書展、美食展、珠寶展、玩具展,大大小小的展覽在展期前後,都需要一班工作人員搭建及拆卸展台及飾櫃,尤其香港的展覽業在近20年十分興盛,但搭建人材十分短缺,故坊間有不少機構開辦展台建造及佈置課程,訓練學員掌握有關知識及實務技能,找到更多就業出路! 香港善導會為其中一所提供相關課程的機構。

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  知錯能改 浪子回頭 更生人士自力更生 15.12.2014  

知錯能改 浪子回頭 更生人士自力更生



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  總幹事與兩名會友接受「原來生活好快樂」訪問 19.11.2014  





  大學商科生迎挑戰 NGO中學以致用 24.10.2014  

大學商科生迎挑戰 NGO中學以致用



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  No script needed for hilarious and thoughtful Detention 12.9.2014  

No script needed for hilarious and thoughtful Detention


Usually it's the good students that are complimented, but for once the naughty kids are getting the applause. They're the actors in the dialogue-free play Detention, which is trying to break this prejudice. It's a comedy about four mischievous students stuck in an after-school detention session, overseen by their fiery teacher.

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  模擬法院開庭 「學生律師」激辯 25.6.2014  

模擬法院開庭 「學生律師」激辯



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  Mock trials teach students about Hong Kong's legal system 23.6.2014  

Mock trials teach students about Hong Kong's legal system


Experiencing an event in real life always leaves a much deeper impression than simply hearing a story. For the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, offering a real-life court experience to secondary school students is a great way to impress upon them the consequences of crime and how the legal system works in our community.

The society also offers schools talks on crime prevention and students can listen to stories from former offenders, but lecturing teenagers usually doesn't work.   

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  亞洲聯合衛視訪問 1.3.2014  



亞洲聯合衛視(UNB)於去年七一回歸特輯中訪問了更生人士對香港回歸前後的感受,相隔半年,UNB再度接觸本會,希望以更生人士為題,深入探討他們在離開院所後的情況,尤其是住宿及就業方面所遇到的困難。今次的專題亦特別訪問了本會社工、聘用更生人士多年的僱主及懲教署職員,讓大家從多角度去了解現時政府及社福機構如何幫助更生人士重新融入社會; 並…  

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  六十歲初上舞台,訴說我在黑社會的故事訪前樂隊 《邊緣 組合》成員Mandy 20.1.2014  



上個世紀末,參與了一項青少年禁毒活動,認識了Mandy,他當時人氣爆燈,在台上跟青少年談要珍惜前途,不要行差踏錯,這些老掉牙的勸導,不一定叫學生們仰頭大睡,這視乎講者是否搞Gag, 但更在乎是講者的經歷,Mandy被判無期徒刑,卻跟其他囚友在赤柱成立了…  

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  部份南亞童流連公園街頭乏照顧 23.9.2013  




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  更生人士演出話劇 以生命影響生命 17.12.2012  

更生人士演出話劇 以生命影響生命



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  法定最低工資 - 殘疾僱員權益生產能力評估要認識 07.08.2012  

法定最低工資 - 殘疾僱員權益生產能力評估要認識


《最低工資條例》由2011年5月1日起實施,法定最低工資適用於殘疾僱員,一如適用於 健全僱員。因此,殘疾僱員同樣有權收取不低於法定最低工資的薪酬。顧及到一些殘疾人士可能會面對就業困難,法例同時提供了特別安排,讓因殘疾以致生產能力可能受損……

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  Drug use on the fringes 13.7.2012  

Drug use on the fringes


Gurung Milan is a Hong Kong-born Nepalese. After the 38-year-old finished high school here, he went to university in Nepal but dropped out and came back to our city to work. When his friends approached him with 『cough syrup' a year later, he just couldn't resist. He started getting into it and, later, he progressed to heroin. Soon he was spending $400 every day on drugs. Then he quit his job and his life was on a downward spiral. 「It was very painful at that time,」 says Milan. 「You just can't handle it – not only your job, but relations and other things too. You just fail them. It takes you to that point where you can't get things straight – and it just goes on and on.

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  精神病康復者服飾展 4.6.2012  



香港善導會龍澄坊與香港理工大學聯手舉辦「穿出新天地」活動,參與學生運 用課堂知識,幫助精神病康復者設計出DIY服飾,並舉行公開展…



  律政新人學公義 20.5.2012  






  May 姐任包糭賽評判 大讚更生人士做糭好吃 5.5.2012  

May姐任包糭賽評判 大讚更生人士做糭好吃


日前有專門幫助更生人士康復的機構香港善導會特意請May姐,為其在荷里活廣場舉辦的「糭有你鼓勵」親子包糭大賽擔任評判。善導會除了安排師傅教大家包糭,還大派試食,May姐試過都大讚好吃、兼且非常足料… …

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  社企辦親子包糉賽 鼓勵接納更生人士 5.5.2012  

社企辦親子包糉賽 鼓勵接納更生人士


菠蘿、香腸、粟米等都不是一般慣常拿來做糉的材料;但今日在鑽石山荷里活廣場, 一班小朋友發揮創意,把這些新式做糉材料重新配搭,做出一隻又一隻讓人驚喜的 "心意糉"… …

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  法院社工以一頂萬 候審人無援 19.4.2012  

社企辦親子包糉賽 鼓勵接納更生人士


「好無用,諗過死咗去就算。」阿明(化名)去年偷竊罪成,被判罰款及緩刑。他憶述判刑前四個多月猶如置身刑場:「好沉重,好大壓力,瞓唔到,成日唔想講嘢。」被問及壓力由來,他沉思卅秒後說:「唔知點面對家人。」 …



  三高女壓力大成竊賊 8.4.2012  



近日有多宗有關三高女偷竊的報導,這群高學歷、高收入、介乎三、四十歲「高齡」的女性因為不擅長處理情緒,在面對多種壓力下,容易失控做出偷竊行為 …



  社企開源創新,增生意助更生人士 6.4.2012  



面對租金上漲、招聘等困難,不少社企求生存,惟有不斷開發新業務來維持競爭力。本會旗下社企「明朗服務」亦由過往的展覽支援、清潔維修等服務,拓展至食物生產。 「明朗服務」的員工八成為更生人士,協助更生人士重投社會亦是社企一直的宗旨。當初開拓食品市場,便是希望更多人認識明朗和更生人士。惟食品生意難做,鋪租昂貴,只能透過展銷會或網上推銷的方法。近年明朗不斷研發新口味,如製作泡菜糉供韓國市場,亦開始研究製作婚禮回禮曲奇,希望以創新的方法打響品牌。 …



  中秋特稿:釋囚家人盼接納 企業義工表關心 27.9.2011  

中秋特稿:釋囚家人盼接納 企業義工表關心


「我有家人是囚犯!因為他們都是我的家人!」富湛有限公司董事羅奕萱先生肯定的 道出幫助釋囚的原因。正是羅先生的無私精神,願意把釋囚看成自己的家人,也感染了他的員工,成立了企業義工隊,於中秋前夕到多個釋囚家庭送上關心… …

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