About Us


With the rapid changes in society, it is found that individual, family and social problems have become increasingly complex. More innovative counselling and intervention methods are required to resolve these problems effectively. For over 57 years, the Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong ( the Society ) has been all along supporting disadvantaged and marginalized groups, providing quality rehabilitation and multifarious services for the betterment of ex-offenders, for the prevention of crimes and the mental wellness of persons in need. In accordance to the characteristics and situations of these groups, the Society keeps abreast of societal development, on one hand, to learn and continue develop assessment tools, therapeutic and counselling models to deal with individual and family problems like anti-social and pro-criminal attitudes; gambling, substance abuse, sexual offences, mental problem, violence, etc.; on the other hand, the Society actively promotes social inclusion of marginalized groups, enhances positive energy in community and prevents general public in committing crimes with the ultimate goal of the development of an inclusive and safe society.

In order to further actualize the vision of the Society and to build up a platform for exchanging and advancing the practice wisdom and professional knowledge in the field, the Society has set up a SRACP Training Centre ( the Training Centre) in Jan 2015 to offer training programmes and certificate courses to enhance work competency and service quality of individuals who have been working in the field or interested in areas of offender rehabilitation, crime prevention and mental wellness. The courses are related to effective intervention in criminal, addictive and high-risk behaviors as well as mental problems. Besides, the Training Centre also organizes training courses about new and innovative solutions to social problems contributing to an inclusive and safe society.

Mission of SRACP Training Centre:

With the aims of advancing professional excellence and building an inclusive and safe society, the Centre organizes training programmes and certificate courses to professionals and general public on areas of offender rehabilitation, crime prevention, mental wellness as well as innovative solutions to social problems.

The edges of SRACP Training Centre:

  • Trainers of SRACP Training Centre include clinical psychologist, recognized/ accredited trainers in specific professional areas, experienced social workers and practitioners, etc. Moreover, through the strong network of SRACP, the Training Centre also invites local and overseas experts and academia specialists to give lectures, share their experience and the latest development.
  • The course design is well-integrated with theory learning and practice sharing as well as taking into account the experience of service users in the helping process. So that the participants can grasp the essential skills and practice wisdom to put it into practice in their real work situations.
  • In addition to the solid experience of the Society to provide quality and multifarious services for ex-offenders and ex-mentally ills since 1957, the Training Centre is supported by a group of academia and practitioners as the honorable advisors on Center’s development and courses’ quality standard.

Services to be provided:

  • Organize short-term courses and certificate courses
  • Undertake and coordinate tailor-made trainings for local, mainland and overseas bodies including course design, arrangement of trainers, venue and logistic support.